ABOUT Lumilo Classical Hotel & TOURS

Life is beautiful, staying is believing, place is in heart.


Life is beautiful, staying is believing, place is in heart.

Lumilo Classics Hotel and Tours is located in Iringa Town along Old Bus Stand and very near to business centers like government Offices, Banks, Hospitals and Police Station, 17 km from Nduli Airport 135km from Ruaha National Park.

The mission of our hotel is to provide outstanding lodging facilities and services to our guest. Our hotel focuses on individual business and leisure travel, as well as travel associated with groups meetings. We emphasis high quality standard in our rooms, foods and beverages divisions. We provide a fair return on investment for our owners and recognize that, this can not done without well trained. We care and love you. .

WHY GUEST CHOOSE Lumilo Classical Hotel & TOURS?

Our hotel is recognized as unique in industry for fulfilling their promise. Our Guest enjoying the last and entertainment technology, including wireless high speed internet access, flat screen, as well as high technology conveniences such as air conditioning, and excellent room services.

Our main commitment however, is to offer a fair and reasonable price to you at all times. We also offer corporate rates for accommodation at a negotiated rate throughout the year

Let us talk one language (Life is beautiful, staying is believing, place is in heart).